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The 3 Financial apps that help to succeed your business

All - facilities are in the present, including the ease of doing business. One of them by utilizing various financial applications that can make it easier for you to record cash flow and create accurate and transparent financial statements for business, of course, more easily.

The financial application itself is a program that can be used to organize and manage finances in any segment and can be used by everyone for a variety of needs, be it personal, installation, company, or even business. 

This will help expedite your work of making accurate and transparent financial statements. Because the financial application can facilitate the ease of recording income and expenses, as well as the data presented will be very detailed. With a powerful financial statement, it allows you to determine the best financial strategy for your business. Of course this can help to succeed your business.

Here are some of the financial apps you can use to make your business a success.

The 3 Financial apps that help to succeed your business


A journal is an accounting app that can help small and medium enterprises manage their finances in an easy and safe way. Where you don't need to download or install anything on your computer, you can use this accounting application.

With this accounting app feature you can create complete and faster financial statements because all are already installed. You only have to log the entire transaction into this app. You will also get a complete and transparent business financial statement.

The data you enter into a journal is real time because you can directly input the data immediately after the transaction. This is what helps the journal to produce more accurate and trustworthy data.

In addition, the journal is also right for you who work with very high mobility. Because this financial application is cloud-based that allows you to be able to review the finances of your business anytime and anywhere. Although cloud-based, you don't have to worry about the security of your business's financial data. The journal has been certified to make this financial application a bank-equivalent security.

Money Lover

Money Lover is a multiplatform financial application, which means it can be used on smartphones, tablets, PCS, or websites. Of course, it will make it very easy for you as a user to manage your finances wherever and whenever. That's why this app is perfect for business people with high mobility.

There are also in this application, we can monitor and organize expenses and income every day and make various planning such as budgets and bills. This categorising will make it easier for you to know the financial condition for each different category. Also determine the budget at the beginning to make your business finances healthier.

Later, it can be displayed in clear financial statements and details to make it easier for you to better understand the finances and analyze the cash flow in the Ada business. This app you can get in Playstore for Android or Appstore for iOS for free or paid for pro version.

Our Financial Apps

We also provide financial applications that can help your business, with interesting features

You can order this app by visiting the following Web :

Order Apps

If you order the apps from us, you can get features will not be as far away as other financial apps, because we make not much different from the existing standards for the financial system. Here are the features you can get.

a. The Dashboard contains financial reports, ranging from daily, monthly and yearly income and output. 

b. Financial category Data that you can use as a type of transaction what you do in the financial records.

c. Financial transactions, you just have to enter the amount of money and choose whether the transaction is expense or income.

d. Debt registration, you can also record debts or receivables from every transaction that has been done. The function is that you do not need to recall the nominal debt and usefulness of the debt used for what.

e. Balance, you can also determine the financial or cash balance of your household or company respectively. This function we can know the cash flow or transaction that has been done, so we can update the balance. The balance will automatically decrease and increase according to the transaction data.

f. Financial statements that you can print directly in the form of PDF files, and you can print financials by date. It is intended so that you can know the expenditure and income within the specified time range. 

g. User Level, there are two levels, namely admin and moderator or management. Where Admin and Management permissions there are differences. User Level admins can create additional users at admin level and management, while user level management cannot create additional users.

And many more features that you can get, order immediately on the existing link (Order Now!)

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