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Rent or Buy A House, Which Is More Suitable for Us?

Everyone - certainly wants to have their own residence. However, the path or process that is underway to obtain the residence can be different for each individual. Person in the 25-35 age range also have a wide range of options to be able to have a place to live.

Some directly buy private property, some are looking for a house to rent. Between them, which one is better suited to modern person? Here's the article I wrote

Rent or Buy A House, Which Is More Suitable for Us?

Advantages of Buying A Home

For us people who now live in a global and modern era, buying a home from now on can save on future spending, given the growing price of land and buildings each year. In addition to being able to be occupied for an indefinite period of time, a house or property is a fairly profitable investment asset.

By owning your own home, you also have the freedom to determine the model of the dream house as well as decorate the residence with a variety of desired home decorations.

How's the process going?

Nowadays, buying a house in cash is quite difficult to do. Alternatively, home purchases can be processed through installments of Home Owner's Loan, which is deposited every month for a period of 10-20 years. If you choose this process, you should be careful in adjusting the installment amount to your income each month. Ideally, the maximum amount of mortgage installment is 30%-35% of monthly income.

Advantages of Renting a House

One of the advantages of renting a home is high mobility. You can move around before finding the most suitable place to live. In addition, houses for rent are usually located in strategic locations that will make it easier for you to reach the workplace and other facilities.

The costs that need to be incurred to rent a house can be adjusted to your income. While renting a home, you can also set aside a portion of your income to be saved or transferred to another form of investment. This will be profitable when you decide to buy your own residence in the future.

How's the process going?

The process for renting a house is very easy and practical.

Of the above considerations, renting or buying a home has its own advantages for us. However, before purchasing a private property, renting a house can be the main solution to get a place to live according to your wishes.

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