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Download Tool Apk Impress Admob, Tuyul Santri 2020 High CPC

Tuyul Santri - is one of the mainstay tools that I use when doing the impress activity where, this tool becomes the second choice after the Evo Gusmuk.

Why do I choose this tool as the tool I use in the impress activity?

Maybe you're curious about the reason, which is why I use this tool can be a reference for you to make it to the Pay Out in impress activity.

Download Tool Apk Admob, Tuyul Santri 2020

I claim that it is a safe way to use it to avoid the possibility of Banned.

Because in this tool there are many helper features for you to run impress missions until successful Pay Out

We can't avoid Banned 100%, remember being banned only the Google team knows, but we both keep trying to the fullest extent possible avoiding getting Banned.

This is the reason that you can Pay Out

Well here I have a little share the features in the tool Tuyul Santri which can give you a little info how to help this tool.

1. Error notification
Here there is a notif error in the error of your impress session, can help you really when there may be a disconnected VPN connection or also a VPN loss or a crack.

2. RKT Table
In this tool there is a CTR table where the CTR stands for clickthrough rate, and usually AdSense makes RKT as the benchmark, healthy or not the AdSense account.

3. Set the ad display in the menu settings
Do not think that setting the display menu of ads, size, types of ads in the setting menu is a free thing.

It's clear that in the world of AdSense type an ad will be a big payment

Does not cover the possibility that the size of the ads in the show is increasingly making the silhouette grow.

Because in the world Adsesne, the greater the appearance of the ads that you serve, the greater the results that you can get.

Download Tool Tuyul Santri : Tuyul Santri 2020

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