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How To Build Monogram Planter, You'll Love

Follow - this step-by-step tutorial and woodworking plans to build this large outdoor DIY monogram planter in the letter of your choice, for a welcoming and personalized front porch decoration.

You'll love about woodworking plans, You can put this beautiful flower in front of your house or in the living room, so that the guests who come will feel the comfort 😉

Monogram Planter, You'll Love

1. You can see the image, connect the blocks of wood that you have formed a pattern like in the image

2. The look of wood block looks front side, this is just an example, you have an imagination of its own.

Incorporate wood blogs as you like and get the shapes you want

3. See how it looks, beautiful and elegant

You can put any flower on the inner side of the wooden block you created earlier, add the flower of choice you like

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