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How To Make Catfish Bait, My Father Recipe

Hello - This time I will share tips for making catfish bait, where this catfish bait recipe is directly from my dad

My father is a meat enthusiast from catfish, he has a lot of great things to do to taste catfish cuisine.

My father is familiar with the catfish eating pattern and when the catfish are certainly hungry and ready to hoist the bait from your fishing rod

How To Make Catfish Bait 100% Original Recipe

Even my dad got to have his own catfish pond to be able to lure them every day. Lol

Oke back to how to make catfish bait 100% original recipe from my dad.
From the experience of the anglers, the way to make bait for a sniper catfish is quite easy just like other fish bait blends.

Even we can use various variations of different catfish that we will present in this article, catfish have the nature to be able to recognize bait so that if fishing with the same bait, then the long time catfish will not eat the bait, then in need of variation in order to get a lot of fish.

Especially in fishing pond where many anglers compete to get the most catfish with different types of catfish, so we need the best bait

Catfish including fish that are very greedy and eat everything he encounters, but this fish will be more interested in bait that smells fishy and sting.

The fish is also easily tempted by splashing water. Here is a bait fishing catfish that you can use hopefully the catches of catfishfishes


Shrimp Unique
Egg yolks are already boiled
Pellet Fish 781-1 SP
Warm water

How to make a feed:

Combine the ingredients above and stir until chewy, can use a mortar or blender, try the dough to be chewy and not too watery so as not to shattered when in the input into the water

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