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Tuyul Santri Version 2.0, Make Money From AdMob From The Easy Way

Tuyul Santri - is an admob tool that I developed since I started my career on a YouTube channel called Fatima Coeg

This Tool I use to be able to make money from my AdMob account. My AdMob account was first created in the year 2017 ago, then I started uploading some apps in Google Playstore

Unfortunately, my application was affected by Google developers, because my app violated their TOS.
Finally I'm looking for ways to make money on my AdMob account, apart from creating apps and uploading in Playstore is there any other way?

Tuyul Santri Version 2.0, Make Money From AdMob From Easy Way

There are other ways! To make money from AdMob using the easy way is to impress AdMob ads with the Impress tool

The Impress Tool allows you to serve AdMob ads without having to create an application project. Your AdMob ad can serve no matter how long, with the length of time you specify, the ad will continue to serve and you can start clicking on them

I'll give you an example using this impress tool:

1. Install your AdMob ad ID

First, install your AdMob ad ID, banner or interstitial
You can find the Ad ID installation column in the setting menu

2. Adjust the second delay

Then please specify the delay of the second you want to apply in the Impress tool. Use to get match levels that your data will later see in your AdMob dashboard

3. Start to impress

Then you just have to start to impress the ads, which automatically admob ads will serve and you can start earning money in this easy way

Disadvantages of using this way

However, using this way your AdMob account may be banned

But I have a way to avoid it, the way is you have to use a VPN, you have to change your country IP now.

Point your IP address to another country other than your current country. For example you are now in the USA, then navigate your IP address to Poland or another country
Then start earning money

If there is still you want to ask, please comment

Link Download Tools : Tool Admob Tuyul Santri

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