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Why AdSense Ads Are Restricted, And How To Handle Them

If - You get an ad alert has been restricted from Google AdSense, a red box warning will appear that contains "the number of ads you can show has been restricted. Go to the policy Center to see the details  "on your dashboard. In addition, you will also receive an ad restriction notification email.

What to do after experiencing it? This time, I'll be covered by the restrictions on serving AdSense ads. Previously, let us know what the cause of the problem is.

Causes of restricted ad serving

As described by Google, there are two reasons why ads are limited,

1. Because AdSense account is still in assessment

The new AdSense account will be temporarily restricted, as Google is still assessing the quality of traffic on your blog site. Google will continue to review and progress automatically while monitoring your traffic. However, Google can not provide an estimate when the process is complete.

2. Due to invalid Traffic

Ad restrictions often appear because Google assesses invalid traffic on your blog site. The intended invalid traffic includes:

Intentionally or unintentionally ad impressions or clicks to increase earnings.

Show or repeatedly ad clicks (click Bombs) from one or more users.

Entice visitors to click on an ad. Say, words that encourage visitors to click on an ad, and the like.

Click-generating tools or bring automated traffic sources, visitor bots, or other software.

While ads are limited, it doesn't mean you're banned by Google AdSense. You also can still access the Google AdSense dashboard.

I know very well your purpose is to find a solution for Google AdSense ad restrictions to be resolved.

Actually, reading the tutorial alone is not enough. You need to experiment to get the solution of the problem you are experiencing. However, as I have been here as well as having restrictions on the number of ads, I will share some tips on what I do when ad restrictions are taking place.

The thing I do is follow the procedures that Google has provided. Because the cause of AdSense restricted ads There are 2 things above, I also gave 2 solutions according to the procedures that Google already provided, please apply that sync with your problem. Okay, straight away.

1. Addressing an account is being graded easy, you don't have to worry because of this problem. As Google says, you simply become an active blogger in terms of creating content (article updates) and generating traffic as well as building audiences. Also, make sure you adhere to AdSense policies. It's short enough to address this issue, since Google is essentially still reviewing your site back to make sure you're actually in being an AdSense publisher.

2. Overcoming invalid Traffic. As you know, being an AdSense publisher means that you are solely responsible for the traffic to the ads you show. Therefore, you should be thorough in monitoring your ad traffic to ensure that your blog complies with AdSense policies and does not generate invalid traffic. This problem is serious enough for me, because Google detects any invalid traffic on your blog. Things you can do are:

1. Associate a Google AdSense account with Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to get detailed information about your blog visitors and always be wary of suspicious user behaviour. Even without Google Analytics Google can monitor your blog in detail. It's a good idea to install and connect your AdSense account with Analytics. This is aimed at you and Google can monitor your site well (you're monitoring suspicious traffic, while AdSense monitors the traffic growth on your blog).

2. Never use a Visitor BOT or purchase Traffic and the like

These points you need to pay attention to, you must not once play with the manufacturer of a visitor bot, exchange of automatic traffic (traffic exchange), buy traffic, or the like. It is very hated by Google AdSense, you will be in violation of the policy, and it is subject to mild sanctions of the number of ads that appear restricted.

So, what if it already happened? I will answer at the end of this article Yes, yuk further.

3. Even never clicking on your own ads or showing ads repeatedly

Even if you accidentally, click on your own ad or refresh the page to show ads for many times remain banned. If Google learns that you've clicked your own ads to increase your revenue or advertiser costs, Google doesn't hesitate to deactivate your AdSense account, or it could be called BANNED.

4. Start Optimizing and analyzing Blogs

In addition, you need to optimize your blog to get organic traffic generated by search engines, and to analyze errors on your blog from audiences, to SEO. It is interconnected, and aims to convince Google that your blog has resulted in pure traffic.

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