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Download Tool Apk Tuyul Santri, Who Know This Way Can Make Money From Admob

Nuyul Admob - this time I re-update the API problem on the tools that I will share, this is the Tuyul Santri tools for Admob.

Not working properly when I want to serve ads, this tool almost I delete from the database I have

After I tried to merge this source code, still also can not scan the ad, finally after I've a deeper look at what problems in these tools, finally the key problem of these tools in short I can find.

Nuyul Admob, Earn Money Just From Admob Tool Impression

And after I revamp/rebuild a bit of source file that is not have baypass code correctly, these tools can be resumed in operation as it is available.

And I will share free to you, before you download let me explain the brief way of playing these tools correctly, and the tips are safe from my third section.

How to use Tools

1. Input Id

First Please enter your ID banner/interstitial in the Settings menu in the Tool Tuyul Santri

Set a Realod page, or Realod ads at number: 25/35 seconds

2. Start Impress

When you will start to impress, ignore the message  "API Problem Blang.. Blang: Code CoV. GM.  "That's not any problem. Only the source code factor is my new baypass only.

3. Click on the bottom right of the screen.

To begin to scan the ad you have to press the button on the lower right corner of your screen.

How to safely play the impress tools

1. Set the impression interval

The meaning of setting the impression interval here is to reload the application in the moment of impress the ad has reached the number 100/150 ads on display.

Log back into APK tools and re-impress up to 100/150 ads, reload continue to do until reaching 1000 banner ads.

At each time interval lag, for example: 150 The first ad before reloading tools, click on one ad.
Repeat like that until the ad banner reaches 1000 impress

2. Take time to turn off VPN

After reaching at least 500 ads, try turning off the VPN out from the tools remove recent enable airplane mode, then give it a period of 1-2 minutes. Turn the data back on, connect the VPN and start the toolbar again.

Here I recommend to navigate the VPN to the country of Germany, or also go to the UK/USA

So: As in the first part, set the interval let's easily count the ads and do (take the time to turn off VPN) to impress up to 100 ads only. When you've reached 500 ads.

To easily estimate when to take the second step, so I recommend do pause interval, impress 100 ads

3. Try to sign up/visit the advertising site

The meaning here is. When you click on the ad at the interval in the Perama when it reaches 100 ads, you will definitely be taken to the site of the ad you clicked on.

For example: you click an insurance advertisement, it is definitely brought to the web of the insurance company. And surely on the web you will be invited to register yourself. Well here I recommend that you register yourself on the Web.


So that you are not in the BOT, real human and safe for your Admob later.

Just register yourself without any intention to buy the product/services simply register. If there is no skip list session, at least you have visited the site and are at least 2/3 minutes. (Just look at what's on the site)

4. Try to keep clear cache apk in application settings

Never forget to clear your apk cache. To continue deleting the track record of your activity in the APK. A few of the banned impacts can be avoided.

Can playing impress tools still Pay out?

Let me answer by writing a word, yes still can. The latest evidence comes from fellow subscriber on channel: Fatima Coeg

In just over a month Pay out 5 thousand dollars, from the results using the AdMob impress and Nuyul tool

 "I so wanted to re focus impress AdMob ads"😁😁

Because of the limited time added now there is already a blog that should be managed, I hope that it is not very time to make play safe in the tools impress.

Because in the moment we have started to impress ads on Tool Nuyul Admob, we must focus do not have the wrong steps, defy turn off Airmode when VPN is broken, check dashboard AdMob/adsense check RKT, RPM Check everything is required carefully.

Link Download : The New Tuyul Santri

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