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Treatment after Being Bitten By An Animal Spreading Rabies!

When humans get bitten by animals infected with the rabies virus (usually dogs), there is a way to stop the infection from happening.

First aid, wash the bite wound well, for at least 5 minutes with water and soap, quoted from the Online Review. Friday (29/9/2019).

Treatment Rabies

You can immediately see a doctor. Don't wait for other symptoms, such as headaches and fever, muscle aches, fear of water, and difficulty. These symptoms indicate the virus has developed and began to spread to the body.

There are also other ways of giving injections. People infected with rabies virus are injected with rabies immunoglobulin-rabies vaccination in humans.

This metod stops viral infections from developing in the body. Injections are given for 14 days (five injections). After being bitten by an infected aminal, you can immediately get a rabies immunoglobulin injection.

Death From Rabies
Rabies is a virus that is transmitted and occurs in more than 150 countries. Rabies transmitted through dogs occupies 99 percent of human rabies cases. An estimated 59.000 people die each year from this disease, according to the UN News Centre.

In commemoration of World Rabies Day, which falls on September 28, the World Anti Rabies Alliance took the initiative to end human deaths due to rabies transmitted through dogs in 2030.

The case of rabies has become a priority for international organizations, according to the United Nations (UN) health agency.

Giving vaccines to dogs is the way to the global plan. Vaccines in the dogs will make dogs avoid the rabies virus. This case can reduce the risk of human becoming infected with the rabies virus.

Source: (Accessed on 16 February 2020 at 6.30 a.m)

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