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Tuyul Santri, Download New Apk 2020, Same Look Bigger Results

Tuyul Santri - new 2020 minimum SDK Version 16 and Target SDK Version 28 are already built with Package Name high paying keyword

Trend on Google Playstore, guarantee of big payout valid click results. But still banned problem only we can avoid a little, will I reset a little safe tips from me in the explanation on this article.

New 2020 Tuyul Santri's Tool Has Arrived

With the presence of tuyul santri 2020 tools I hope can be tools that you can use to the maximum.

And free download for loyal readers of this blog as well as loyal viewers of youtube channel of the same name on this blog.

Actually I've uploaded tuyul santri tools version 2019 and 2017 in previous articles, but I'm sure both tools are not as much revenue as you guys get on this tool

So I patented the New 2020 Tuyul Santri's tool on this blog, so that you can download it and use it accordingly.

Again, no matter how good the tool you use there is no guarantee of safe banned, but little can be guarded from banned by constantly updating the latest tools to impress admob ads with the Nuyul Admob system.

And I also there get some admob tools especially Tuyul Santri and Silsoft that are on other blogs in Chisa Coeg

How to Safely Avoid Banned Admob

1. Do the best Research in ad clicks

The point is, click for big-value ads only. That's why you don't have to click on a lot of ads to earn later.

If you've found an ad with a big payout then, then just click it and click the ad of the same type or relevant

The way to know which ads are paid for is to click on the ad when you're doing impress activities and then look at the results you get on the AdSense dashboard.

If you've checked and the results on the adsense dashboard are great, keep the ads (remember) in your mind, until tomorrow when you impress again, you already know which ads you should choose.

2. One Day Click Impress Day only

The point is, if on Monday you impress and click the ad, 2 or more ads you clicked (my advice is 5 ad clicks only a day) then tuesdays end the clicks.

Just impress it, or just show an ad for click activity, so on.

3. VPN don't forget, and remove each chace after impress

Don't forget to activate your VPN, oblige to go to any state on earth with a large CPC.

Then don't forget to always delete the tool app's data chace in your android settings.

Download Tuyul Santri Apk New

Well a little of my tips above is the way that I also do until it can be safe already more 5 months, well you can also safely keep playing safe and do your own research.

For this tool download link you can go to the following link

Download Link : New Tuyul Santri Apk

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