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Property vs Natural Disaster Insurance

  Many homeowners wonder if they really have to pay the extra extra for home insurance or property insurance that can protect their home from disaster.

In fact, the costs involved in owning and maintaining a home are quite large, such as routine maintenance or repairs, taxes, and other incidentals.


Indonesia is included in the ring of fire, which is a fact that we cannot avoid. That is why Indonesia is included in an area prone to natural disasters.

Therefore, it is this fact that should make you think about buying a property insurance policy as protection against disasters.

Property insurance must be your priority for insurance.

Insurance Guarantee

The standard insurance policy for property clearly does not cover the risk of natural disasters. Property insurance coverage usually provides protection for natural disasters, such as

  • Hurricane
  • tornado
  • flood

as additional protection or a complete package of property insurance offered. As for the risk of other natural disasters, such as

  • earthquake
  • volcanic eruption
  • tsunami

guaranteed in a separate insurance policy, namely earthquake insurance.

The complete property insurance premium with additional natural disaster protection is indeed slightly higher than the standard property insurance premium. However, the benefits are very different and will be very useful for you because Indonesia is a disaster-prone area.

Big Costs

When a natural disaster suddenly occurs and causes massive damage to your property, you do not need to spend a lot of money to repair and replace your property. Everything is covered in your property insurance policy.

So, you only need to spend a little extra on your property insurance premium, but you can save bigger money when a natural disaster hits your property.

Understand the Details!

Remember, before you decide to buy a property insurance policy, always understand the details of your policy first. At least pay attention to the following things.

Type of guarantee

Great benefit guarantee


Procedure for submitting claims

Always check your property insurance policy!

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