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8 Sign If Your Heart Has Problems

Based - on the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, every years in United States itself are approximately 610.000 people dying of heart disease. It is in fact experienced by men and women for various reasons or the lifestyle of each.

However, as reported by Boredpanda, Wednesday (09/10/2019) there are a number of warnings that can be a reference, related to heart problems that have to be watched out for.

8 Sign If Your Heart Has Problems
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Pain that Spreads to the Arm
In the first place, the sign can be pain in the arm. The most men will experience pain in the left arm, in contrast to women who experience it in one or both, it is not infrequently even women experience excessive pain in the elbow before having a heart attack. It occurs because the pain from the heart moves to the spinal cord, where many of the body's nerves are connected.

A Cough without Stopping
It is true that cough comes from various problems, in the second place, cough is also a sign of cardiovascular disease. But in fact, a persistent cough containing blood is very common in heart failure.

Extreme and Unusual Levels of Anxiety
Until now, several studies have shown that people who suffer from extreme anxiety since the beginning of their lives are prone to heart disease. Anxiety can be caused by a very stressful lifestyle of various disorders, including panic disorders and phobias.

Swollen Feet
In the fourth place, the sign can be a form of fluid from a blood vessel leaking into the surrounding tissue, so that the feet then experience swelling. So if you experience this, it is also suspected that in the future it will spread. It is commonly known as peripheral edema, in which many people also suffer from it, even though they do not have heart disease.

Lack of Appetite and Feel Nauseous
Many patients suffering from heart disease show a lack of appetite or nausea, even if they only eat a little. It happens because there is a buildup of fluid around the liver and intestines tat interfere with digestion. Therefore, these symptoms are usually followed by abdominal pain and if you experience all of these together, you should immediately see a doctor.

Skin Rashes or Unusual Spots

Based on separate research published in The Journal of Allergy Clinical Immunology and The Journal of the American College of Cadiology showed that eczema and shingles were the highest risk factors for heart disease. The two studies in fact showed that eczema sufferers had 48 percent chance of experiencing high blood pressure and 29 percent chance of high cholesterol. In addition, those who suffer from shingles also have 59 percent higher chance of having a heart attack than people who do not have this condition.

Loss of Consciousness or Fainting

The next thing that becomes a warning is the loss of consciousness or fainting. When you perceive the giddy and you are falling the judgment, you are highly accepted among the heart patients. However, if you have experienced shortness of breath and fainting in a short time, you can call your doctor immediately and have your  heart checked.

The Skin Becomes Paler or Bluish in Color
In this last sequence, it is not one of the most symptoms, but when these symptoms appear. So it is possible that this is caused by reduced blood flow, reduce  number of red blood cells, and it can be a sign that the heart is not pumping blood properly. However, if you see that your facial expression is paler than usual, then you do not panic first. Check whether you suffer from shock or there are other problems such as anemia.

Source: fatimacoeg.site (accessed on 15 February 2020 at 8.21 p.m)

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