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Health Insurance - Why should you have it?

Why - We Should Have Health Insurance. 
The longer the cost of living is increasing and sometimes out of control. While we are healthy, we are desperately looking for money to be collected. So that sometimes we forget to get enough rest, we consequently susceptible to disease and had to be hospitalized.

This may not be an issue if we have enough funds to pay for medical treatment, but if the funds are not quite as likely being used for working capital, for school fees for the unused atapun other unexpected things, then it would be a problem if had to be hospitalized in the hospital and had to get out a huge cost, we may be forced to drain the remaining savings, mortgaged goods, or borrow money on other people, so it is very disturbing financial situation of the family.

On insurance article was just a small bit of the scene, of the many things that could happen. One of the easiest solution if you do not want the above takes place in our family is as early as possible we buy health insurance from a reliable insurance company.

By having health insurance products, the impact of emerging health risks transferred to the insurance company, the insurance company will provide coverage of health expenses as agreed upon in the insurance policy.

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