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The Causes of Shortness of Breath in Infants and How to Cope

Shortness of Breath in Infants and How to Cope
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When - the baby is short of breath, many factors may cause interference with this respiratory tract. One of them is dairy cow allergy.

A few person who has dairy cow allergy will experience this reaction if you consume dairy cow or its derivative products, such as yogurt, cream, cheese and others.

The Shortness of Breath in Babies Due to Dairy Cow Allergy

To recognize the symptoms of shortness of breath in infants is caused by allergies to dairy cows. You need to pay attention to three factors, they are:

When experiencing shortness of breath, the baby will look restless, fussy, or not stop crying so that it interferes with eating, drinking, and sleeping. On the other hand, when shortness of breath is heavy enough, the baby will look weak and always sleepy.

Frequency of Breath
Shortness of breath baby will show a frequency of breathing faster than usual and accompanied by a pull in the upper abdominal wall. When shortness continues, the frequency of breath will actually decrease and chest traction weakness so that the little one may stop breathing.

Blood Circulation
Blood circulation will be disrupted when severe shortness of breath. Discoloration of the skin paler in the palms and legs,  and cold sweat appears. In further conditions bluish spots will appear on the skin. If it is left unchecked, this blueness will be evenly distributed, especially at the tips of fingers, palms, feet, and around the mouth.

Prevent Shortness of Breath by Overcoming Dairy Cows Allergy

The main thing that can be taken as a preventive measure for allergic reaction in dairy cows is to prevent children from all forms of dairy cows protein in any product or processed. It is commonly called the elimination diet for dairy cows products and derivatives.

In addition, according to the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI), the elimination diet for dairy cows products and their derivatives has to be accompanied by extensive consumption of hydrolyzed milk.

Extensively hydrolyzed formula milk is the first alternative formula to treat allergic symptoms quickly according to doctor's recommendation. If the administered is appropriately and regularly, the extensive hydrolyzed formula milk will be proven to be able to cope quickly with allergic symptoms such as colic.

Extensively hydrolyzed formula milk is hypoallergic. This milk can provide assistance to babies who are unable to digest whole dairy cows protein because the protein in it has been broken down thoroughly into very small portions. That way, your baby's body does not recognize pieces of the protein as allergens (substances that trigger allergies).

Extensively hydrolyzed formula milk also helps your child achieving oral tolerance. The oral tolerance is a condition where a child can again consume dairy cows products and their derivatives. Of course, all parents hope that their children can go back to consuming the dairy cows products, so that the oral tolerance is the final destination for children who are allergic to dairy cows.

Besides, there is not a few parents that chooses soy-based formula milk because they use soy as a source of protein to replace the components of dairy cows. However, soy formula is not recommended for babies under 6 months. It happens because it can trigger allergies to soy protein. The use of soy formula can be considered by babies with special circumstance, for example family economic problems, babies cannot tolerate other types of formula milk, or the existence of special preferences (parents adopt a plant-based diet on infants).

The shortness of breath baby is one of the symptoms of allergies which can be life threatening if it is not quickly overcome. So that, the symptoms of shortness of breath do not continue, recognize the signs as early as possible. Besides, it is a good idea for every parent to consult a pediatrician regarding extensive hydrolyzed milk, a dairy cows management diet and oral tolerance. So the doctor can further diagnose the child's symptoms and provide appropriate recommendations.

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